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GOSC-DDE Inaugurates Open-science Collaboration on Geoscience


Recently, a new partnership between the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) initiative and the Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) project has been established. As a big science program, DDE endeavors to harmonize and integrate deep-time Earth data, share global geoscience knowledge, and advance relevant understanding and research. The potential collaborations are mutual-beneficial to accelerate data-driven discoveries in the earth sciences through the open sharing of global geoscience information under the umbrella of GOSC.

On February 17th, the GOSC International Programme Office (GOSC IPO), co-founded by the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (CODATA, ISC) and the Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Science (CNIC, CAS), welcomed its visitors from the DDE team. Several key issues were raised during the meeting, including the upcoming collaborations between GOSC and DDE on the 2023 International Training Workshop and the 2023 International Symposium on Open Science Clouds (ISOSC). Most importantly, the DDE team agrees to propose selected examples, such as the DDE semantic data standards, to engage with the GOSC Initiative as thematic case studies. “This open-science collaboration will take full advantage of the GOSC global network and its testbed prototype. Surely, the collaboration will facilitate global engagement in implementing geoscience information standards to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals”, said Prof. Zhang Minghua, co-chair of the DDE Data Standard Task Group.

In the year 2023, GOSC and its IPO reveal a new chapter to expand its collaboration network both on a national and international level. Our IPO has started exciting international partnerships in climate change, disaster mitigation, material sciences, earth sciences, and others. Through the crossover knowledge exchange of multiple subjects and domains, we are dedicated to enhancing the comprehensive impact of the GOSC initiative and promoting win-win collaborations with global stakeholders to support scientific discovery in the pursuit of open science. (Xueting Li, Lili Zhang)


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From: GOSC-DDE Inaugurates Open-science Collaboration on Geoscience----Computer Network Information Center,Chinese Academy of Science (cas.cn)