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CSTCloud Technical Training Workshop 2020, Nov 9-11, Beijing China


From November 9 to 11, "CSTCloud 2020 user training and communication meeting" was successfully held in Beijing Century Jinyuan Xiangshan business hotel. Wang Xibo, business director of the network information office of the general office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liao Fangyu, director of CNIC, Li Jianhui, director of CSTCloud Development Department of CNIC, and more than 200 representatives from research institutes and other units attended the meeting.

First of all, Wang Xibo and Liao Fangyu gave speeches. They respectively affirmed the construction achievements of "China Science and technology cloud(CSTCloud)". They hoped that through this, on the one hand, the vast number of users would have a better understanding of CSTCloud, on the other hand, they would like to summarize the needs and suggestions of users through this training, so as to make the CSTCloud construction project better during the "14th five year plan" .

Right after, the training was carried out according to the four parts of "technology part", "product part", "experience sharing part" and "communication part". In the "technology part", the programming and container technology that users are more interested in were explained and practiced; in the "product part", the cloud computing, cloud storage, artificial intelligence, software and other services that have been gathered on the "CSTCloud" were mainly introduced and demonstrated; in the "experience sharing part", specially invited Li Xinliang researchers from the Institute of mechanics, and Wu kaichao, senior engineer of CNIC, respectively made reports on "computational fluid dynamics application of domestic computing service platform" and "demonstration application of integrated computing", sharing practical application cases; in the "communication part", they mainly explained the construction plan of CSTCloud during the "14th five year plan", and listened to the opinions and suggestions from participants 。

The meeting is the first user training meeting held since the official release of CSTCloud. Participants said that by participating in the training, they had a further understanding of CSTcloud from the aspects of technology, products, services and applications. In the future work, we will strengthen the practical application of CSTCloud, and make it play a greater role in supporting major scientific and technological innovation activities.