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The Opportunity for Global Collaboration and the Decadal Programme

As an important early project of ISC CODATA Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’, the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) Initiative aims to explore a network of trusted research e-infrastructures among which different research resources are bridged and all stakeholders are connected for innovative science discovery in the dynamically evolving global open science environment. Possible project outcomes may include agreements on cooperation and technical & policy alignment between Open Science platforms. The Chinese Academy of Science provided seed funding from 2021 to 2025 to support this GOSC Initiative while CODATA will provide expert input and coordination, secretariat support, to ensure initiative becomes global.

Activities, Deliverables and Events

Activities and deliverables will include (adapted from the presentation, without timelines):
  • Policy alignment
    • Policy Frameworks: agreed frameworks for Open Science and data policies, policy terminology and strategies;
    • Agreements and Science Diplomacy: agreements around security and trusted AI.
  • Governance and sustainability
    • Governance: agreements for governance, sustainability and resourcing;
    • Sustainable Model for GOSC Coordination;
    • Sustainable Model for Capacity Building and Training, including alignment of technical, data and research capacity building around interoperable and shared platforms.
  • Technical Interoperability and Alignment
    • Agreements and recommendations for technical interoperability, including storage and transfer protocols, interoperable cloud services, alignment of architectures
  • Semantic Interoperability and Convergence
    • Agreements and recommendations for semantic interoperability, including convergence around FAIR and Decadal Programme consensus (FDOs, FIPs, DRUM, CDI, good practice semantics etc).
  • Demonstrators and testbeds for convergence and interoperability
  • Case studies and exemplar research activities facilitated by the GOSC

Initial arrangement

The GOSC Initiative will be led by an international advisory board followed by a steering group for the design and implementation of all the tasks. An international program office is on its way to help fulfil daily governance tasks assigned by the Advisory Board and the Steering Group. Initialized working groups, namely the Strategy, Governance and Sustainability, Policy and Legal, Technical Infrastructure, Data Interoperability have been established to carry on detailed work planned within the project. Another four early showcases (Space physics: Incoherent scatter radar data fusion and computation, Biodiversity and Ecology: An open cloud service for camera trap data management and intelligent analysis, Earth sciences: SDG-13 climate change and natural disasters, Population health: Sensitive data federation analysis model in population health) are also arranged to demonstrate the maturity of the GOSC testbed and lead to open discussion and call for broader engagement in the long run.