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Cloud Storage Environment

The Cloud Storage system in CSTCloud is a distributed file system featuring elasticity, reliability, and high performance. Based on the robust network connection, this cloud storage service adapts to various native operating systems with standard transmission protocols and supports both IPV4 and IPV6 access to ensure data consistency. With high IOPS and low latency, this cloud storage service could reach the performance of 99.99999% data durability to guarantee data safety and reliability. With the latest updates in October 2018, our cloud storage service has provided services to different research groups. For example, in the CASEarth program, up to 800 TB of disciplinary research data are shared through our system.

Main features

  • Seamless integration of data access, mainstream applications, and workloads following standard file system semantics and in favor ofboth FTP and HTTP protocols.
  • In favor of open data by supporting data access from multiple computing nodes simultaneously.
  • Encrypted and parallel data transfer are used to guarantee fast and safe curation of massive data.
  • Dual-stack access is available by transferring and managing data through both IPV4/IPV6 protocols.

Object-based Storage Technology and System

Based on the general cloud storage environment, an object-based storage system has been developed on the standard X86 platform enabling the management of 200 nodes with a data storage capacity reaching 24PB in total. This system enables data access via Web, RESTful API, FTP, or internal mounting, guaranteeing a high fault tolerance rate of over 99.999%. To improve the metadata access performance in this object-based storage system, especially dealing with millions of buckets and trillions of objects, we designed a distributed hierarchical metadata management mechanism. Thus, the platform can achieve a very high throughput of over 1.2M IOPS in retrieving metadata.