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A CASEarth-CODATA workshop focusing on the UN SDGs


On 7th September, the CASEarth-CODATA workshop is launched virtually. As a parallel session during the 1st International Forum on big data for sustainable development goals (FBAS), the workshop provides informative global context, policy framework, and case studies to facilitate work on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Chaired by Simon Hodson from CODATA, the workshop starts with an introduction to the UNESCO recommendation on open science. This recommendation is expected to be adopted by the United Nations member states in late 2021. A comprehensive review of international, regional, and institutional data policies is followed, providing a consolidated knowledge foundation for the CASEarth project. Professor Jianhui Li further introduces open data policy and practice facilitating CASEarth research. Besides, Open Science and FAIR data case studies include work in the CODATA earth observation for disaster risk reduction task group and the GEO data working group. And to help connect different information infrastructures worldwide for collaborative research, the Global Open Science Cloud Initiative is also introduced, with insight into the co-design of the evolving future-led open science paradigms. 

“The Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) Initiative will encourage cooperation, alignment, and ultimately interoperability, between existing and emerging Open Science Clouds (OSCs)”, says Simon. Considering initiatives and implementations around the world, this workshop provides a timely opportunity to bring potential stakeholders together. And it also starts a dialogue on better understanding and utilizing multiple sources of data for research and implementation on the UN SDGs.

CODATA-CASEarth Workshop Agenda

  • Simon Hodson, CODATA: brief introduction of the session, the panel and the objectives.  
  • Ana Persic, UNESCO: the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science (context, timescales, implications, how to engage and support it)  
  • LI Aitong, CODATA Consultant: FAIR Principles, the Chinese State Council Scientific Data Management Measures and the CODATA Independent Review of the CASEarth Data Policy  
  • LI Jianhui, CASEarth Open Data Policy and Practice  
  • Bapon Fakhruddin, Tonkin+Taylor, CODATA Task Group Chair: Open Science and FAIR data in Earth Observation for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Alena Rybkina, GCRAS, CODATA Vice President: the GEO Data WG in support of EO and Big Data for the SDGs  
  • Simon Hodson, CODATA: the Global Open Science Cloud Initiative