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GOSC Advances Collaboration on Technical and Policy Interoperability


Recently, GOSC teams have carried out studies on promoting technical and policy interoperability. Guided by its Technical and Infrastructure Working Group within a robust international collaboration network, CSTCloud has technically supported the GOSC testbed utilizing state-of-the-art YunKun cloud federation software, aiming to offer global researchers a one-stop solution for data and resource access, utilization, analysis, and application. In the meantime, capacity-building programs, particularly the GOSC 2024 Online Training Series, are underway to further expand the GOSC user community and its access to this ever-growing resource pool.

Additionally, the GOSC Policy and Legal Working Group is actively leveraging international partnerships to explore policy interoperability within the GOSC landscape. GOSC IPO, in partnership with CODATA IDPC, organized a workshop in Beijing in late April to advance these tasks. This dialogue addressed further alignments between GOSC and CODATA IDPC on these ongoing deliverables and highlighted research centered on open data methods, metrics, and management. “We should further deepen the collaboration between CODATA and GOSC, underscoring the capabilities of digital technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, in reshaping the scientific landscape,” emphasized Mr. Francis P. Crawley, Chairman of IDPC, during his stay in Beijing for the workshop. To continue this discussion, currently, a special collection on “Open Data Methods, Metrics, and Management” calls for papers in partnership with the Data Intelligence Journal.

We welcome anyone interested in joining these GOSC dialogues to promote regional collaborations for Open Science and SDG research in tailored scenarios. Besides, another data policy workshop will follow early this summer to continue these studies. And hope to see you all soon. (Xueting LI, Lili ZHANG).

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GOSC & CODATA IDPC Beijing Workshop


Available from: http://english.cnic.cas.cn/nws/events/202405/t20240523_663332.html