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"Global Open Science Cloud" series discussion held successfully


“International FAIR Convergence Symposium”, which was jointly organized by CODATA and Go FAIR, held successfully online from November 27, 2020 to December 4, 2020. Among them, the global open science infrastructure, as an important part, attracted more than 200 people from all over the world during two days of special discussion.

Representatives from International Science Council’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, as well as representatives from Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), China Science and Technology Cloud (CSTCloud), European Open Science Cloud, National institute of standards and technology of the United States, Africa open science cloud, CODATA, and other relevant representatives attended the key speech on global open infrastructure. Among them, researcher Li Jianhui, representative of CSTCloud, pointed out that the development and challenges of science are global. When facing major global challenges, relevant scientific research resources should be open to all scientists as far as possible. The Global Open Science Cloud(GOSC) initiative will promote the comprehensive development of open science. Based on the GOSC program, CSTCloud will invest in data and infrastructure, and actively explore the participation of multiple organizations to jointly promote the application, and to get benefits from the GOSC program with the regional cooperation in Asia.

At the parallel session of " Mobilizing the Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) Initiative: Priority, Progress and Partnership" organized by CNIC, expert representatives from European Open Science Cloud, Malaysia Open Science Platform and Africa Open Science Platform discussed with experts from CSTCloud on technology implementation and field application, and formed preliminary cooperation intention for global open science. The discussion also formed a positive dialogue to apply and promote the plan of GOSC.

It is reported that before the meeting, the Chinese expert group’s meeting of the "global open science cloud" cultivation plan was also held on schedule for the first time. Zhuang Yan, director of the International Organization Department of the Bureau of international cooperation, Yi Zhijun, director of the science and technology cloud Department of CNIC, Li Jianhui, director of the science and technology cloud Department of CNIC, respectively discussed and put forward valuable constructive suggestions on the general situation of the international big science cultivation program of CAS, the background of GOSC initiation, the UNESCO open science proposal of UNESCO and the promotion of GOSC.

Focusing on GOSC issues, a series of domestic and foreign seminars recently launched have laid the foundation for the implementation of the plan, initially explored feasible cooperation paths, and further clarified the technical route, providing new opportunities and accumulation for comprehensively improving the construction and service level of CSTCloud, better supporting scientific research application and serving the society widely.