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China National Grid

Date: Jan 07, 2020
Supported by China National 863 Program and National Key R&D Program, China National Grid (CNGrid) is a national high performance computing network which facilitates access to advanced computing resources for research and innovation in China. CNGrid consists of computing and storage elements at 19 sites across China, mainly at national supercomputing centers, universities and research institutions, contributing a total computing capacity of 460 PFlops and a total storage capacity of 310 PB.

Geographical distribution of 19 sites of CNGrid

Two operating centers have been established in Beijing and Hefei, providing computing services to more than 20,000 individual users across a wide range of research projects and technical support to communities with various orientations such as biomedical application, numerical simulation and computation support for small and medium-size enterprises, industrial product design, new drug development, digital media and cultural creativity.

Examples of services supported by CNGrid

Sharing on a cost-effective basis is the core principle of CNGrid. Through resource sharing and working in coordination, CNGrid allows individual researchers to access advanced computing resources with low entry barriers, and supports distributed computing centers to increase the utilization of their resources.

Demonstration of the service model

Apart from HPC services and software development, CNGrid also develops specifications and standards for the integration, classification and evaluation of high performance computing resources, and releases evaluation index and report on the development of national high performance computing environment.